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April 29, 2021 | style
Brave Girls Yujeong has released a new profile picture while she has been selected as an advertising model for ‘Bringgreen’. On the 29th, Brave Entertainment announced that Yujeong carried out an advertisement for CJ Olive Young’s moisture-functional naturalist brand Bringgreen and the campaign ‘Tea Tree CICA.’ Then, they also released a new profile picture. In the photo,... Read More
March 28, 2021 | daily
Yujeong, a member of the girl group Brave Girls, showed off her goddess beauty. On the 27th, Yujeong posted three photos on her personal Instagram with the caption, “Hello ♥”.  In the published photo, Yujeong is smiling gently as she stares at the camera. Her clear pupils, clear features and neat atmosphere attracts the attention of... Read More
March 21, 2021 | daily
Brave Girls revealed their feelings of being the number one. On March 21st, Brave Girls Yujeong posted on Instagram, “Thank you for the 6 crowns award in a row. We won two prizes from a popular music show (Inkigayo). Thank you to everyone! The writers and staff are so cute dancing with us when we... Read More