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January 23, 2022 | daily
Kpop group WEi member Yohan Kim has released a choreography practice video for his solo title song ‘DESSERT.’ On the afternoon of January 22, Yohan Kim released a choreography practice video of his solo mini-album ‘Illusion‘ title song ‘DESSER’ through official social media and YouTube channels. In the video, Yohan Kim showed a natural yet... Read More
January 13, 2022 | daily
K-pop group WEi member Yohan Kim communicated with fans worldwide through Twitter Blue Room Live. Yohan Kim hosted Blue Room Live on his official Twitter channel on January 12. On this day, Yohan had a happy time with global fans by hosting various corners to celebrate the release of his solo mini-album ‘Illusion,’ released on... Read More
January 12, 2022 | daily
K-pop group WEi member Yongha Yoo presented a special gift for his birthday. On January 11, Yongha Yoo released birthday selfie images and behind-the-scenes videos through their official social media accounts and YouTube. Taking a selfie in the first published image, he showed various charms, from a chic expression to a charming pose for RUi... Read More
January 10, 2022 | daily
K-pop group WEi member Yohan Kim mentioned the pressure of making a comeback as a solo singer. On the afternoon of January 10, K-pop group WEi member Yohan Kim held an online showcase to celebrate the release of his solo mini-album ‘Illusion.’ ‘Illusion’ is Yohan Kim’s solo album after one year and five months since... Read More
November 19, 2021 | trending
The Kpop group Weki Meki has entered the global chart. Once again, they showed their great presence. According to global music streaming platform iTunes on November 19, Weki Meki’s fifth mini-album, ‘I AM ME,’ released on November 18, entered the top album charts in 18 regions. Notably, they ranked in 10 countries and regions, ranking... Read More
November 7, 2021 | k-music
The Kpop group WEi released a behind-the-scenes video recording ‘Mayday.’ WEi (Daehyeon, Donghan, Yongha, Yohan, Seokhwa, Junseo) pre-released an extra episode of the reality entertainment content ‘OUI GO UP3’ on their official YouTube channel on the afternoon of November 6. In the video, Yohan Kim visited the studio to complete the song ‘Mayday’ with Daehyeon... Read More
October 4, 2021 | trending
Kpop group WEi starts to recruit official fan club members. On October 4, OUI Entertainment announced that “WEi (JDaehyeon Jang, Donghan Kim, Yongha Yoo, Yohan Kim, Seokhwa Kang, and Junseo Kim) will be recruiting the first generation official fan club RUi members from 8:00 pm on October 5 to November 30.” Along with this, they... Read More
September 28, 2021 | daily
Kpop group WEi radiates intense looks and a mystical aura. Universe Music has released a new music video teaser for ‘Starry Night’ by WEi. On September 27, the global fandom platform UNIVERSE released a prism version of the music video teaser for WEi’s new song ‘Starry Night’ (prod. dress) through the app and official social... Read More
September 22, 2021 | daily
Kpop group WEi member Yohan Kim’s birthday celebration video runs from September 20th to 26th. WEi (Daehyeon, Donghan, Yohan, Seokhwa, Junseo, Yongha) Yohan Kim received an unforgettable gift from his fans for his birthday. On September 22nd, Fan N Star released a photo of Yohan Kim’s birthday celebration event advertised at Max Vision, Hongdae, Mapo-gu,... Read More
August 28, 2021 | featured
Nana, the leader of the group Woo!ah!’, will be the host for a Kpop online concert. NV Entertainment, the agency of ‘Woo!Ah!, said on August 28th, “Nana will be hosting the online support concert 2020 Tokyo Paralympic ‘We All Are One,’ which will take place at 6 pm on August 29th.” A total of 11... Read More