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The playlist
September 19, 2021 | k-music
The collaboration between Rolling Stone Korea and Melon attracts attention. The September edition of the playlist ‘#Hashtags in Korea,’ a collaboration between Rolling Stone Korea, a global music magazine, and Melon, the largest music platform in Korea, has been released at 10 o’clock on September 17th. It is through Rolling Stone Korea’s webzine and Melon’s... Read More
September 1, 2021 | k-music
Kpop boy band Golden Child members Y, Jibeom Kim, and Joochan Hong will play the ‘Greatest Harmony Of All Time.’ Y, Jibeom Kim, and Joochan Hong released the three-member version of ‘All Day’ through various music sites on September 1st. It is a song included in Golden Child’s second mini-album, ‘Miracle.’ They pre-released the song... Read More
August 19, 2021 | daily
Kpop group ONEUS members Seoho and Keonhee filled the summer night with their unique voices. Seoho and Keonhee appeared on Mnet’s ‘The Playlist,’ which aired on the night of August 18th. Along with them are the main vocalists of ONF and WEi. On this day, Seoho and Keonhee showed off their unique presence with their... Read More
July 8, 2021 | k-music
Dynamic Duo heated up the studio with an overwhelming live performance. Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and Gaeko made their first strong start by appearing as first guests on Mnet’s ‘The Playlist,’ which airs its first broadcast on the afternoon of July 7th. First, Dynamic Duo showed their own life composition graph.┬áThe two met for the first... Read More
July 6, 2021 | trending
Singer Hongki Lee continues his hard work. FT Island member Hongki Lee completed his military service in April. He will be the sole host of Mnet’s new entertainment program ‘The Playlist.’ The program will air on July 7th, and he will show off his honed skills. Also, at 6 pm on the same day, July... Read More