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February 15, 2022 | featured
Kpop group SF9 member Jaeyoon successfully finished his first play, ‘Fantasy Tale.’ Jaeyoon successfully finished the last performance of the play ‘Fantasy Tale’, held at the Daloreum Theater of the National Theater in Seoul on February 12, with enthusiastic responses from the audience. The play ‘Fantasy Tale’ is a framed work in which love clowns,... Read More
July 15, 2021 | trending
[SSF Shop Renovated as a Differentiated Online Mall for Customers with High Fashion Involvement] Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s integrated online mall SSF Shop announced on July 15th that they underwent a full upgrade. This is to induce revisiting of customers who are highly involved in fashion. Also, this will provide a holistic brand experience of service and humanism. Particularly, it focused on... Read More