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January 10, 2022 | daily
K-pop group MAMAMOO member Moonbyul raised her comeback fever by unveiling the tracklist of her new album. At midnight on January 10, Moonbyul presented the tracklist of her 3rd mini-album ‘6equence’ through her official social media channel. According to the released tracklist, this album includes the title song ‘LUNATIC,’ ‘Intro: SYNOPSIS,’ ‘G999 (Feat. Mirani),’ ‘From... Read More
September 7, 2021 | style
Kpop group MAMAMOO member Solar revealed her recent status. On September 7th, she posted several photos on her Instagram without special caption. In the published photo, Solar is sitting on a sofa and showing a bold pose. Her bag placed in front of her clearly shows the initials ‘KYS,’ attracting attention. Wearing a white crop top... Read More
August 23, 2021 | style
Kpop group MAMAMOO member Solar showed off her body confidence. On August 22nd, she posted on her Instagram, “Soon ♥.” In the photo, Solar is sitting on the steps of an outdoor stadium bench. She is wearing a white tube top and light green pants. She is staring at the camera with an intense look. Particularly,... Read More
May 4, 2021 | featured
Mamamoo Solar bought a refrigerator worth 5 million won as a surprise gift to her mom for Parents’ Day. Solar posted a video titled ‘Parent’s DayㅣMom’s Reaction To 5 Million Won Refrigerator Gift!’ through her YouTube channel ‘Solarsido.’ In the video, Mamamoo Solar boasted the refrigerator as her gift to her mom. “It’s also Parent’s... Read More
April 25, 2021 | style
Mamamoo member Solar captured the fan’s heart with a see-through dress and a refreshing smile. On the 25th, Solar posted a photo showing off her beautiful figure in a see-through dress on Instagram. On the stage with purple curtains, she boasts a smooth light line while the lights are shining directly to her. Her lovely smile... Read More