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May 8, 2021 | daily
There’s a video released showing the behind-the-scene filming of the couple Taehee Kim and Rain (real name Jihoon Jung). On the 7th of May, a video titled ‘BX Taehee Kim’s First Acting’ was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of BodyFriend (Massage chair brand). The video released captured the real-life’s couple chemistry. In celebration of Family... Read More
March 7, 2021 | featured
Rain showed off his ‘workout routine’ and how he maintains his body. On March 3rd, he appeared on the cable channel MBC ‘Weekly Idol’ and the 7-member rookie boy group Ciipher. He appeared in ‘Weekly Idol’ for the first time in 4 years. He showed a King-like performance as he did in the past.  First,... Read More