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On the Ground_rose
April 29, 2021 | style
Blackpink Rose showed off her flowery beauty.On the 28th, Rose posted two photos on her personal Instagram with the phrase “Who else loves to play chess?”In the photo, Rose is shooting a pictorial wearing a sweatshirt and a missing bottoms fashion. The nobleness and lovely visuals from Rose’s profile attracted people’s attention.Particularly, her slim legs without... Read More
April 4, 2021 | trending
Blackpink Rose solo song ‘Gone’ MV is already out on April 5th. She is raising expectations through her solo songs, ‘Gone’ and ‘On The Ground.’ One day before the release of Rose’s ‘Gone’ Music video, YG Entertainment posted a teaser poster showing Rose’s appearance on the official blog. It raised the expectations of global fans.... Read More
March 15, 2021 | trending
The second teaser of Rosé’s solo single ‘R ‘ was released on March the 12th. On the 10th March, the second teaser of the Rosé’s solo title song ‘On The Ground’ was released. The teaser video that was released earlier along with the music video visuals and sound sources were included. In this teaser, Rosé appeared in... Read More