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new boy group NIK
September 27, 2021 | daily
  Gunmin, a member of the new boy group NIK, expressed his feelings about his debut. On the afternoon of September 27, the debut media showcase of NIK (Gunmin, Hyeonsu, Fumiya, Ryuta, Yunsol, Taehoon, Kogun, Ryo, Parkha, Taichi, and Hinata) took place live online. NIK is an 11-member boy group formed last year through the Korea-Japan audition survival... Read More
September 24, 2021 | daily
The 11-member Korean-Japanese boy group NIK released their debut song ‘Santa Monica’ music video teaser. NIK released the music video teaser of their debut song, ‘Santa Monica,’ on their official social media channel on the morning of September 24th. The members wore a black-toned costume with dramatic performance and charismatic appearance. Their dynamic choreography through... Read More