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October 21, 2021 | beauty
Former Kpop group After School member and actress Nana showed off her flawless beauty in her picture.The magazine W Korea unveiled Nana’s beauty photo gallery with global beauty brand LANCOME on October 21.   In the published pictorial, Nana perfectly digested the product and the shooting concept, revealing her ‘picture artisan’ side. She not only showed... Read More
July 23, 2021 | fashion
Actress Nana showed off her glowing beauty. On July 23rd, Nana released pictorial photos with the concept of ‘afternoon on a summer day’ with fashion magazine ‘Cosmopolitan.’ This pictorial exudes a casual and natural atmosphere, attracting attention. In the published photo, Nana radiated an overwhelming aura with deep eyes. So, her unique pose holding the flower... Read More
April 20, 2021 | daily
Nana, a former member of the girl group After School, boasted her perfectly-shaped nose. On the 20th, singer and actress Nana posted two photos on her Instagram. In the published photo, she wore an ivory-colored blouse and showed off her luxury fashion. She impressed the viewers. She showed off her three-dimensional features with a flawless and... Read More
March 11, 2021 | daily
Actress Nana from the group Afterschool showed off her perfect body. On March 11th, Nana posted a photo on her Instagram account. In the photo, she is lying on the sofa as she posed beautifully. Nana is wearing a mini dress, showing off her legs. She caught the eye of the viewers with her narrow waistline and... Read More