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August 9, 2021 | featured
Line Friends announced on August 9th that ‘Brown’s birthday on August 8th has ended with an online birthday party ‘2021 Brown Day’ with fans worldwide.  This 2021 Brown Day, also the 10th anniversary of Brown & Friends planned an online birthday party. So, it received a great response from the global MZ generation. First, they... Read More
July 8, 2021 | featured
BTS Jin’s solo song ‘Moon’ achieved a great record in a total of 110 countries on the iTunes Top Song Chart. Jin’s self-composed and solo song ‘Moon,’ included in BTS’ 4th full-length album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7,’ topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in Nepal on July 7th. Jin is setting the record for... Read More
April 4, 2021 | trending
MOON, whose real name is Moon Sujin, is starting out as a ‘R&B Voice Goddess.’ Million Market changed the name of MOON’s activity to MOON Soo-Jin through the official SNS on the 2nd at 6 pm. Simultaneously, Million Market released a teaser image announcing a new song for release on April 11th. In the published... Read More