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‘Music genius’ Dongwon Jeong received the Hanteo Chart’s Certification Plaque. Kpop singer Dongwon Jeong received the Hanteo Chart’s official Initial Sales certification plaque with his first full-length album, ‘Nostalgia, The Giving Tree,’ released last month.┬áIn a video released on December 16 through the YouTube Whosfan TV channel, Dongwon announced that he received an official Initial... Read More
YEL of the rookie girl group H1-KEY shows her presence to the public. At midnight on November 25, GLG started preparing for the debut of H1-KEY by releasing the profile picture of the first member YEL through the official social media of H1-KEY. In the black and white photo, YEL conveyed pleasant energy to the... Read More
Kpop R&B singer and songwriter G.Soul returns with a new EP album after ten months. G.Soul is gaining the attention of fans by unexpectedly releasing an image teaser announcing the release of the new EP album ‘Natural’ through his personal social media channel on November 25. In the teaser, the phrase ‘2021.12.02 6PM,’ announcing the... Read More