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kpop trending update
Kpop singer and actress Sooyoung Choi recently revealed her recent status. Sooyoung posted on her Instagram on January 23rd, saying, “Tonight’s ‘Uncle.'” In the published photo, Sooyoung is wearing a zebra print dress and staring at the camera. Her alluring atmosphere stands out. On this day, Sooyoung made a special appearance in the TV Chosun drama... Read More
K-pop singer Youngwoong Lim’s ‘Love Always Runs Away’ video achieved 18 million views on YouTube. On October 11, Youngwoong Lim posted ‘Love Always Runs Away’ video on his official Youtube channel. As of January 20, the video exceeded 18 million views. The video contents of ‘Love Always Runs Away’ has greatly contributed to the increase in... Read More