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kpop Honey G
January 3, 2022 | daily
The Kpop group P1Harmony expressed their determination with a more mature image. P1Harmony held an online showcase to celebrate the release of their third mini-album, ‘Disharmony: Find Out‘ on January 3. ‘Disharmony: Find Out,’ set for release at 6 pm on the same day, is the last trilogy in the ‘Disharmony’ series. It contains the... Read More
July 14, 2021 | daily
Group Honey G’s vocalist Jiyong Park and reggae musician Brown Tigger released a collaboration song ‘Mental Collapse.’ Jiyong Park and Brown Tigger released the new song ‘Mental Collapse’ on various music sites at 6 pm on July 14th. ‘Mental Collapse’ is a reggae-style song based on a deep house.┬áIt is a song that pleasantly comforts... Read More