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March 28, 2021 | daily
Weeekly, a rookie girl group, made a comeback with their new album. Weeekly’s 3rd mini-album, ‘We Play,’ shows the ‘new beginning’ of the group’s growth. This album includes a total of five new songs, including the title song ‘After School.’ This is the first mini-album of member Ji-Yoon Shin, with famous, talented producers such as Ryan... Read More
March 18, 2021 | daily
‘Girl of the Month,’ a Korean girl group, received the most audience requests last week. This on a popular American radio program. According to the agency Blockberry Creative on the 17th, the ‘Girl of the Month’s ‘Star’ was one of the most requested songs in a week. It is in iHeartradio’s ‘Most Requested Live.’ It is... Read More
March 8, 2021 | daily
The advertising industry is continuing to lose profit due to Apink’s Naeun, who was involved in a bullying controversy. As a result of the OSEN interview on the 3rd March, KGC Ginseng Corporation through Kwan-Jang Jeong’s i-Pass video, which Naeun advertised for, was already turned to private due to the controversy. Back in 2019, Lee... Read More