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April 3, 2021 | daily
Kpop idols Seulgi of Red Velvet, Yuri of Girls Generation, and Kwon Mina of AOA shared a post on Instagram revealing their beauty and current status. First, Red Velvet’s member Seulgi captured the attention of fans by certifying her abs. On March 31st, kpop idol Seulgi posted several photos on her Instagram along with the... Read More
March 28, 2021 | daily
Weeekly, a rookie girl group, made a comeback with their new album. Weeekly’s 3rd mini-album, ‘We Play,’ shows the ‘new beginning’ of the group’s growth. This album includes a total of five new songs, including the title song ‘After School.’ This is the first mini-album of member Ji-Yoon Shin, with famous, talented producers such as Ryan... Read More
March 24, 2021 | featured
Kpop girl idols Red velvet Joy, T-Ara Hyomin, and Blackpink Jennie showed on their Instagram posts. First, Kpop girl idol Joy of the group Red Velvet, shared her daily life. On the 20th, Joy posted a photo taken with her dog on her Instagram account. She left a cloud emoticon along with the photo. Joy is... Read More
March 21, 2021 | trending
The ‘Shades of the Heart’ movie is packed with famous artists. The movie ‘Shades of the Heart’ is a story of a lost heart. IU coincides with the novelist ‘Changseok,’ who have returned to Seoul during early spring, after 7 years. The movie is directed by Jong-Kwan Kim, also known for the movies ‘Worst Woman’... Read More
March 21, 2021 | daily
Jessi said that when a man who wants to marry appears, she wants to have children. In the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star,’ which aired on the 17th, Sayuri, Seobeom Hong, and Hoonie-hoon also appeared as guests. On the ‘Radio Star’ broadcast that day, Sayuri shared that she recently gave birth and said she was... Read More
March 18, 2021 | daily
‘Girl of the Month,’ a Korean girl group, received the most audience requests last week. This on a popular American radio program. According to the agency Blockberry Creative on the 17th, the ‘Girl of the Month’s ‘Star’ was one of the most requested songs in a week. It is in iHeartradio’s ‘Most Requested Live.’ It is... Read More
March 7, 2021 | featured
YouTube consolation performance video has been trending recently, making Brave Girls ‘Rolin’ ranked first place in the real-time music chart. ‘Is Brave Girls the second EXID?’ Girl group Brave Girls appeared again on stage after 10 years since their debut. Brave Brothers, a composer and producer, who is also called the ‘Hit Song Maker’, became the... Read More
March 7, 2021 | daily
Kara’s member Park Gyuri is a hot topic recently as she showed off her gorgeous beauty in her daily life. On the 3rd of March, she posted two photos on her Instagram account, saying, “Popo is taking a walk.” In the published photo, she is walking outdoors with her dog Popo while wearing a mask. She... Read More
February 21, 2021 | trending
Group BLACKPINK is opening a new horizon for K-pop choreography videos. ‘Ice Cream’ 3D avatar choreography video also exceeded 100 million views. It is the 26th video to reach 100 million views for BLACKPINK. According to YG Entertainment, on the 20th of February, BLACKPINK’s ‘Ice Cream’ dance performance video exceeded 100 million views on YouTube.... Read More
February 17, 2021 | fashion style
Sakura, a member of the girl group IZ*one, shown off a fresh look. On the 16th February, Sakura posted a number of photos on her personal Instagram. In her public photos, Sakura poses wearing a blue denim costume that reveals her shoulder line. Netizens who saw the photos had various reactions such as “You are... Read More