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September 15, 2021 | daily
Kpop group DIA members celebrate its 6th debut anniversary. On September 14th, DIA posted a photo celebrating their 6th debut anniversary with the caption, “DIA 6th Anniversary.” In the published photos, DIA attracted attention with their unchanging teamwork and their radiant beauty with a more mature atmosphere.¬†Also, DIA members showed their affection for Fan Club... Read More
August 20, 2021 | trending
‘K-Pop Radar’ of Space Audi is a start-up specializing in music. They provided a place for artists and fans to communicate through metaverse service ‘ifland.’ On August 19th, K-pop fandom platform ‘K-Pop Radar’ announced ‘Artist of the Month’ and ‘Rookie of the Month’ with 100 fans through SKT’s metaverse ‘Ifland.’ Since 2019, K-Pop Radar has... Read More