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kpop BIBI
January 11, 2022 | daily
K-pop singer BIBI shared her special concerns. BIBI asked her fans through her Instagram story on January 10, “Can I survive in the ‘Great Idol Age,’ where only the cute and skinny survive?” and then answered, “The correct answer is ‘no.'” BIBI will appear on the TVing entertainment program ‘Girls High School Mystery Class 2.’... Read More
August 3, 2021 | daily
Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon will release a summer song under the name DJ HYO. According to SM Entertainment, on August 3rd, HYO will release a new single, ‘Second (Feat. BIBI)’ on August 9th. HYO’s fifth single, ‘Second,’ is a summer dance-pop song with a light rhythm and heavy 808 bass.┬áThe lyrics contain a positive message that... Read More