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kpop AESPA news
Kpop singer IU and Kpop groups AESPA and TWICE met as candidates for 1st place. MBC’s Show! ‘Music Core’ revealed the candidates for the first place in the third week of November. On this day’s broadcast, IU’s ‘Strawberry Moon,’ AESPA’s ‘Savage,’ and TWICE’s ‘SCIENTIST’ were nominees for 1st place. While Kpop singer IU and Kpop group... Read More
Kpop group AESPA expressed their feelings about their first debut anniversary. AESPA’s official Instagram post said on the afternoon of November 17, “It’s been a year for AESPA!” along with a picture. The members added, “We think we’re so puzzled that we’re unexpectedly loved. We’re so grateful to many people who helped us♥.” Also, “My... Read More
Kpop group AESPA performed at the ‘K-Culture Festival.’ The ‘K-Culture Festival’ took place on November 13 and 14 at the exhibition hall of Kintex in Ilsan. ‘K-Culture Festival’ is a global representative Korean festival that connects Korean culture with the world. It showcased various events introducing Korean culture, such as food, beauty, and fashion, including... Read More
Kpop group THE BOYZ, IU, and AESPA met as first-place candidates. MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core,’ which aired on November 13, revealed the candidates for the second week of November.The Boyz’ ‘MAVERICK,’ IU’s ‘Strawberry Moon,’ and AESPA’s ‘Savage’ were nominees for the first place. THE BOYZ has emerged as a new No. 1 candidate with ‘Maverick.’... Read More