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Korean celeb news
Kpop singer and actress Dambi Son showed off her charisma. On November 29, Dambi posted a few photos on Instagram with the caption, “Thank you for inviting my sister.” In the published photo, Dambi is posing, showing her superior body proportions. She exudes a chic atmosphere with an all-black look. Her wide black pants and casual sneakers... Read More
Solji, a former member of the Kpop group EXID announced the cancellation of her first solo concert. On November 29, Solji posted a handwritten letter through her Instagram account. Solji said, “Due to the cancellation of my first concert, I have disappointed with everyone who loves me.” She added, “I’m sorry once again. I will be preparing diligently while... Read More
It was a dream-like time with the Kpop group BTS. BTS held an offline concert of ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE’ at Sofi Stadium in LA on November 28 (US time). This offline concert is the first time in more than two years since its 2019 performance in Seoul. BTS has not been able... Read More