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Kloud x BTS v
December 23, 2021 | fashion
V of the Kpop group BTS completed a 30-second short film like a movie. On December 22, the fashion film of each member of BTS, produced jointly by fashion magazine GQ KOREA and VOGUE KOREA, was released through their official YouTube channel. While all the members boasted their perfect appearance, V showed off his charm... Read More
December 22, 2021 | featured
BTS V topped the list of Kpop male idols with the most Instagram followers, shining his aspect as the ‘Instagram King.’ V surpassed 26.7 million followers on Instagram on December 19. So, he became the strongest Kpop male idol with the most Instagram followers. This is an amazing record made in just 13 days. BTS... Read More
December 19, 2021 | k-music
BTS V will officially release the OST ‘Christmas Tree’ for the SBS drama ‘Our Beloved Summer‘ on December 24. V played a leading role in the drama’s popularity overseas. He is receiving media reviews that he ‘attracted Kpop fans worldwide into dramas’ with ‘Sweet Night’ of the drama ‘Itaewon Class,’ which was his first solo... Read More
October 4, 2021 | beauty
BTS V captured the hearts of fans by showing off his handsomeness and charm. On October 1, a photo of ‘Film Camera With BTS’ titled ‘A Trip To Gamsung with Bangrim’ was posted on Big Hit Music Naver’s official account and BTS official Twitter account. The photo became a hot topic by capturing the BTS... Read More
July 20, 2021 | trending
BTS V (Taehyung Kim) made the fans’ hearts flutter with his refreshing charm and soft, sweet voice. On July 19th, Lotte Chilsung’s Kloud Beer, where BTS is active as a model, released an advertisement video titled ‘[Kloud X BTS] V’s Vivid Throat’ through its official YouTube channel. In the video, V attracted attention by appearing... Read More