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Kpop group MONSTA X member Minhyuk became the new model for Champion. On August 13th, Starship Entertainment announced, “Minhyuk will be the Korean model for the authentic American athletic wear brand ‘Champion,’ a global sports casual brand.” LF is the official domestic importer of Champion. They planned the selection of this Korean model. LF said,... Read More
“My senses wake up because of you” is the group MONSTA X’s confession through the song ‘Kiss Or Death.’ MONSTA X released the new song ‘Kiss or Death’ and its music video through Universe Music at 6 pm on July 26th.  ‘Kiss or Death’ is a pop song that contains MONSTA X’s signature power. The dazzling... Read More
Universe Music has released the concept trailer for the new song ‘KISS OR DEATH’ by the group MONSTA X. On July 19th, NCsoft and Kleb released the concept trailer ‘THE ONE’ of MONSTA X’s new song ‘KISS OR DEATH’ through the Universe app and official social media. In the released trailer video, MONSTA X aroused... Read More