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Kim Taeyung
BTS V beat top Hollywood stars to become the most handsome man in the world by foreign media. Recently, ‘BESTTOPERS,’ a life entertainment site, released the list of the world’s most handsome men in 2021. In the ranking, V turned out to be the No. 1 and became the ‘Global Best Handsome Man.’ Hollywood actor... Read More
Producer and singer-songwriter Peakboy has raised the fans’ interest in the music video of his new song ‘Gyopo Hair’ (literal title). The music video for his new song will feature a colorful lineup of artists. Peakboy released the second teaser, ‘Who is Who?,’ for the music video of his new single ‘Gyopo Hair,’ on his... Read More
BTS V (Taehyung Kim) made the fans’ hearts flutter with his refreshing charm and soft, sweet voice. On July 19th, Lotte Chilsung’s Kloud Beer, where BTS is active as a model, released an advertisement video titled ‘[Kloud X BTS] V’s Vivid Throat’ through its official YouTube channel. In the video, V attracted attention by appearing... Read More
The visual of BTS V is eye-catching. On July 9th, BTS released the ‘Butter Jacket Preview Clip’ video for each member through their official Twitter account. Among them, member V perfectly digests various fashions and poses. Fans were enthusiastic about V’s natural pictorial appearance. It ranked 5th in the Japanese Twipple Daily Trending. So, fans... Read More
BTS V’s vacation VLOG YouTube video is the first Korean artist to surpass 17 million views, continuing its hot popularity. In October 2019, V posted a video on the official YouTube channel BANGTANTV titled ‘VLOG Sleepy V’s Exciting Vacation #Tan #Sea #PCbang” and added subtitles. He reveals how he enjoys his vacation as an ordinary... Read More
BTS V is attracting attention as a fashion icon ahead of its time, captivating people’s hearts and eyes. Overseas media ‘Koreaboo’ published an article titled ‘V is a style icon.’ Along with it are more than 10 photos of V wearing pearl accessories. The media said, “Not only is he incredibly talented, but he is... Read More
BTS V took the first place in Japan’s popularity voting ranking and proved his popularity as a TOP K-pop artist in Japan. On June 12th, V took first place in the ‘KPOP Idol Popularity Voting Ranking’ of ‘KPOP JUICE,’ a popular site that deals with the popularity rankings and audition information of KPOP idols in... Read More
BTS V ranked first in Japan’s popularity voting rankings one after another, showing his unrivaled popularity. V topped the ‘KPOP Idol Popularity Voting Ranking’ on ‘KPOP JUICE,’ a popular website that deals with popularity rankings and audition information of KPOP idols in Japan. BTS V boasted extraordinary popularity by taking first place in the daily... Read More
While BTS V’s ‘Borahae’ is well-known all over the world, V’s ‘TaeTae Set’ is also gaining popularity. It is becoming a hot topic. ‘The BTS Set,’ which BTS launched in 50 countries worldwide on May 27 in collaboration with McDonald’s, a global fast-food company, is gaining great popularity. In addition, V mentioned that ‘Oreo McFlurry’... Read More
BTS V showed off his pictorial craftmanship by perfectly pulling off too much fashion with his glamorous features. At midnight on May 17th, BTS released the second concept teaser photo of the new digital single ‘Butter.’ The release of the group photo and the second individual photo cut further raised the fans’ expectations for ‘Butter.’... Read More