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Kim Saeron
AKMU Suhyun showed off her best chemistry with actresses Bora Kim and Saeron Kim. In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Long Live Independence,’ which aired on the 26th, AKMU Suhyun shared her daily life. It for the 8th week of independence. On this day, AKMU Suhyun said to someone on the bed, “I bought bread. Get... Read More
AKMU Suhyun Lee, along with actresses Saeron Kim and Bora Kim, raised laughter with their lively appearance on ‘Long Live Independence.’ On the afternoon of the 26th of March, the JTBC entertainment program ‘Long Live Independence’ featured Suhyun’s best friends, Saeron Kim, and Bora Kim. They went to Suhyun’s house to play. On this day,... Read More