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Kpop girl group AESPA has been selected as an advertising model for the outdoor brand ‘Eider.’ Eider said, “The unique personality and imposing charm of ‘AESPA’ match the direction and style of Eider’s brand. So, we chose them as an advertising model.” Meanwhile, kpop girl group AESPA gained popularity with the single ‘Next Level’ released... Read More
Kpop group MONSTA X member Minhyuk became the new model for Champion. On August 13th, Starship Entertainment announced, “Minhyuk will be the Korean model for the authentic American athletic wear brand ‘Champion,’ a global sports casual brand.” LF is the official domestic importer of Champion. They planned the selection of this Korean model. LF said,... Read More
BTS Jimin is captivating fans with his charm and appearance reminiscent of a legend. Jimin appeared on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Live Lounge’ last month and showed off his fresh charm. He received the spotlight from foreign media such as Koreaboo, BrightToday, and Wowkern. BTS Jimin, a ‘human luxury item,’ was recently selected as Gucci’s luxury... Read More
Is genderless fashion really becoming a new trend? EXO’s Kai, BTS’s Jimin, Astro’s Moonbin & Sanha, TXT members, and various Kpop are seen wearing it at some point. So, what do people think? The boundaries between women’s and men’s fashion are blurring. Regardless of gender, women wore men’s fashion, and it has been evolving. So,... Read More
The season of Summer is the time when piercings are especially loved.¬†Piercing, which pierces the cartilage of the ear or certain parts of the body, has recently become a more popular fashion item. Let’s take a look at the KPop idols who wear bold piercings that go particularly well with gorgeous hair colors. BTS Jimin’s... Read More
Jessi attracts the attention of viewers with her confident confession about breast enhancement surgery. The MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star,’ which aired on the afternoon of the 17th, featured singer Seo-bum Hong, singer and artist Ni-hun Hu, broadcaster Sayuri, and singer Jessi as a special feature of ‘Can’t be No. 1’. After sharing her honest... Read More
The group BTS topped Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Chart as soon as their album was released BE (Essential Edition). According to the latest chart released by Japan’s Oricon on the 19th February, BTS’s “BE” topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart with 92,111 copies sold. Earlier, “BE” (Deluxe Edition), released in November last year, topped the... Read More