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k.will songs
January 26, 2022 | kpopida_kdrama
Kpop singer K.Will announced the birth of a new well-made love song. At noon on January 26, through various online music sites, the OST Part 2 of the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Ghost Doctor,’ in which K.Will participated as a singer, will be released.  K.Will’s ‘My heart is everything to me’ begins with a piano melody... Read More
September 29, 2021 | daily
Kpop singer K.Will (Hyunsoo Kim) showed off his sweet and luxurious voice as narrator in an advertisement. On September 29, Hyundai Motor released an online Journey film that K.Will participated in the narration through its official YouTube channel. Online Journey Film is a video that unfolds and explains consumers’ journey on the Hyundai Casper Online... Read More