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Kpop group SHINee member Key and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon will show perfect chemistry with a duet song. Key will release his new song ‘Hate that’ on August 30th. ‘Hate That’ is an R&B genre song with a sentimental guitar melody and sophisticated rhythm. The lyrics are written in a monologue about the hope that the other... Read More
Kpop singer G.Soul and IV JAY collaborate. Singer G.Soul and American singer-songwriter IV Jay will release the collaboration song, ‘Vibrate,’ on August 26 at 6 pm. ‘Vibrate’ is a version of the R&B song released by IV Jay in July with the soulful tone of G.Soul. As G.Soul captivated listeners with his appealing voice and... Read More
Kpop singer Nody Cika has released the MV teaser for her new single, ‘Birthday’. Nody Cika’s ‘Birthday’ MV teaser, released through LOCAL HIGH RECORDS on August 25th, attracted the attention of music fans. In the released teaser, there were graphic elements related to birthdays in a refreshing mood, placed on the computer desktop. So, it announces... Read More
Kpop group Super Junior member Kyuhyun reinterprets VIBE’s ‘Stary Night.’ On August 25th, Major9 agency said, “Kyuhyun will participate as the third runner of VIBE’s 20th-anniversary collaboration project ‘REVIBE.’ He selected the song, ‘Stary Night,’ from VIBE’s 4th studio album, ‘Vibe in Praha,’ released in 2010. This song reminds the memories that we used to convey... Read More
R&B artist and singer PILO has released a new single. PILO’s new single ‘Honey Bee,’ released on August 24th through various online music sites, has a sweet and rhythmic R&B melody on a trendy trap sound and his unique emotional lyrics. Previously, his song ‘Rose,’ released in May, tells the story from the point of... Read More
Producer Addnine meets the singer Zia through a music discovery project called ‘re;code Project.’ Major 7 Company said on July 15th, “Producer Addnine Project will participate as an indie artist in the 8th episode of FlexM’s ‘re;code Project’ as the original songwriter. So, ‘Remember You’ will be reborn in a new color with the voice... Read More