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September 6, 2021 | beauty
The beginning of ‘Sulwhasoo,’ the essence of Amorepacific’s beauty ginseng science, dates back to 1954 at the cosmetics laboratory. In 1966, Sulwhasoo launched their first ginseng cosmetic, ‘ABC Ginseng Cream,’ through research on grafting ginseng into cosmetics. Ginseng is a precious plant representing Korea. After that, Amorepacific created ‘Sulwhasoo,’ a representative of oriental medicine cosmetics, through steady... Read More
September 5, 2021 | beauty
Here are the reliable K-Beauty and Skincare products that will gently caress your rough skin during the changing of the season. |SOFTER PRODUCTS, GENTLER ROUTINES Now that the season is heading toward the threshold of autumn, another crisis is coming to the skin. In broad daylight, the face seemed to burn. But, as the sun... Read More
September 4, 2021 | beauty
K-Beauty products are getting in demand. So, beauty product companies such as Etude House, Amorepacific, Centellian24, Goutal Paris, etc., are releasing new products one after another. Soon+ launches Trouble Expert. AMOREPACIFIC’s skincare brand, SOON+, introduced the ‘Trouble Expert.’ It contains ‘Coriander,’ an effective ingredient for treating dry and rough skin. The product consists of soothing... Read More