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Mystic Story’s first girl group, Billie, made a mark on Kpop fans with their performance. Billie (Siyoon, Tsuki, Suhyeon, Haram, Sua, Haruna) officially announced the group name on October 11 through their official social media. So, it is receiving a lot of attention from music fans.¬†Particularly, Billie’s splendid performance is raising expectations for their official... Read More
On September 30, Coldplay and BTS released the poster and music video for their collaboration song, My Universe. Hot reactions continued, and Chris Martin’s extraordinary affection for BTS’ Jin became a hot topic. An American media announced on September 26 that Coldplay decorated the main stage of the New York Global Citizen live performance. They... Read More
The Popular Music Culture Promotion Association (also known as Eumjinhyup) will host the ‘K-BAND, Spread Your Wings’ concert. It will take place at Daehakro Good Theater at 5 pm on June 26th. The Legend group ‘Love and Peace,’ 015B ‘Jang Ho-il Band,’ which dominated the 90s, 7080s Seoul Family ‘Ilcheong Wi,’ and witty women’s band... Read More