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K-band Lucy
December 29, 2021 | k-music
Trending Kpop band LUCY presents a hot end of the year through Mystic Story’s ‘Listen Stage.’ LUCY will perform through the Mystic Story’s performance project ‘LISTEN STAGE’ from 7:30 pm on December 29. LUCY’s performance will air in real-time through the Mystic Story YouTube channel streaming to be with more fans. ‘Listen Stage’ is a... Read More
August 18, 2021 | daily
Kpop band LUCY, which continues its activities throughout the four seasons, announces the release of ‘Irrelevant Answer.’ The song ‘Irrelevant Answer,’ to release on August 20, is a song with the fastest tempo among all their songs.¬†Aside from their performances, they will surely provide listeners’ satisfaction with refreshing melodies and lyrics suitable for the end... Read More
July 29, 2021 | daily
The four-member band LUCY splendidly decorated the M Countdown stage. LUCY appeared on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ broadcast on July 29. The members caught the eye of the viewers with a special mashup performance exclusively for their special show. They mashed up various Korean pop hits, such as BTS ‘Butter,’ IU’s ‘Celebrity’ TWICE’s ‘Dance The Night... Read More
June 11, 2021 | daily
Next-generation K-Band, LUCY, released the tracklist of their fourth single album ‘Gatcha!’ LUCY raised expectations by releasing the tracklist of the new album ‘Gatcha!’, which they will release on June 16th. They announced it through their official social media on June 10th. The released tracklist image of the new single ‘Gatcha!’ shows the songs included... Read More