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Junsu Kim
February 21, 2022 | daily
Kpop singer and musical actor Junsu Kim has confirmed the date of his concert to celebrate the release of his new mini-album. According to PalmTree Island, on February 21, Junsu will hold his solo performance ‘Junsu Kim 2022 Concert ‘Dimension.’ This is to celebrate the release of his 3rd mini-album ‘DIMENSION.’ The concert will take... Read More
August 9, 2021 | featured
The artist lineup that will spread Korean pop to the world has been completed. The Cultural Heritage Administration hosted ‘Korea On Stage.’ Then, the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation and KBS supervised this performance. ‘Korea On Stage- Namwon Gwanghanru (planned by Woongsik Yoo, directed by Gukjin Go)’ unveiled its second lineup of artists on August 9th.... Read More