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jinyoung park
Actress Seungyeon Lee confessed about witnessing a date between singer Jinyoung Park (JYP) and his wife. On June 19th, Seungyeon Lee posted on her Instagram, “I met the true genius, JYP, after a long time. In 1992, I made my debut in a special TV show, and Jinyoung also debuted. A true performer who sang ‘Don’t Leave... Read More
Jinyoung Park’s JYP Entertainment and Psy’s P Nation will reveal their respective trainees. Jinyoung Park and Psy will present trainees belonging to their respective companies in the second episode of SBS TV’s audition variety show ‘LOUD,’ which will air at 8:55 pm on June 12th. At the end of last week’s broadcast, JYP and P... Read More