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April 29, 2021 | daily
BTS Jimin captivated fans with his excellent athleticism, posture, and sportsmanship in the ‘Run BTS’ table tennis class. Episode 139 of BTS’ own entertainment program ‘Run BTS’, which aired on the 28th, following last week, BTS took the ‘Table Tennis Class’ with Seungmin Yoo and and official referee Jongbeom Park. In fact, Seungmin Yoo is... Read More
March 10, 2021 | trending
Illustration artist Lee.K has been steadily promoting Jimin for several years through his illustrations and presenting in overseas exhibitions. He revealed that Jimin is a ‘model’. He released his new work on March the 6th. The artwork he released entitled, ‘2021 First Oil Painting JM’ expresses the mysterious atmosphere of the Eastern and Western style... Read More