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jessi and jong kook kim
Kpop singer Jessi has a glamorous S-line body figure. On the afternoon of October 7, Jessie posted a picture with the caption, “D-5 ‘Cold Blooded’ 10/12 6 PM” on her Instagram. In the photo, she is wearing a white swimsuit and an oversize coat. Jessi showed off her voluptuous waist and glamorous volume, exuding an... Read More
Jessi shared about Psy on her appearance on ‘My Little Old Boy.’ She recently made a comeback with her new song ‘What Type of X.’ She appeared on SBS’s entertainment program, ‘My Little Old Boy,’ which aired on March 21st. Jang-Hoon Seo asked Jessi, “Would you think ‘What Type of X’ would be better than... Read More