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Jennie style
October 14, 2021 | style
Kpop group BLACKPINK Jennie shared her current status. On October 13, she posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption, “J’adore.” In the published photo, she is visiting an art exhibition and viewing the artworks. Recently, Kpop group BLACKPINK Jennie went to Paris, France, to fulfill schedules for S/S Milan and Paris Fashion... Read More
October 13, 2021 | trending
On October 10, Kpop group BLACKPINK Jennie became the 218th Charity Fairy. She received 56,596,492 votes from the idol ranking service ‘Choeaedol.’ Today is the 9,400th day since Jennie was born. Kpop group BLACKPINK Fandom Blink encouraged the vote by leaving a congratulatory message about Jennie’s anniversary on various social media. So, it includes Jennie’s... Read More
July 23, 2021 | fashion
Jennie of the group ‘BLACKPINK’ has revealed her current status full of refreshing beauty. On July 23rd, Jennie posted several photos along with the caption “Or Her” through her personal Instagram account. In the published photo, Jennie is posing in various angles with her hair braided in two. In addition, she is wearing a pink outfit,... Read More
May 13, 2021 | featured
Jennie of Blackpink introduced her essential items. On May 13th, Jennie posted a video titled ‘Jennie’s Everyday Essentials’ on her Youtube channel ‘Jennierubyjane Official.’ Blackpink Jennie, who announced new content on this day, said, “I brought an item that was indispensable to me.” The first thing she took out was her favorite hair tie. Jennie, like a... Read More
May 3, 2021 | style
One of the hottest icons in the fashion world today, Blackpink member Jennie showed off her back features. On the 2nd of May, Jennie posted several photos on her Instagram. She is wearing the fashion brand Calvin Klein’s clothes. With the back view of the underwear exposed, paired with jeans and a beanie hat, this creates... Read More
March 29, 2021 | style
Blackpink Jennie started cheering for Rosé. She posted a video through her Instagram story on the 29th of March. In the video released at that time, fans can see Jennie raging excitement as she lip-syncs the song ‘On The Ground,’ which is the new song of Rosé. At the same time, Jennie is showing off... Read More
March 28, 2021 | fashion
Jennie in a black dress of ‘Chanel’ that worth ~$15,000 USD (17.07 million won). Black Pink’s Jennie perfectly shown off the extravagant black fashion of $15,000. On the 9th March, Jennie announced that she is an ambassador for the fashion brand ‘Chanel’ 2021 F/W collection show. She released her photos on her Instagram account. In the... Read More
March 24, 2021 | featured
Kpop girl idols Red velvet Joy, T-Ara Hyomin, and Blackpink Jennie showed on their Instagram posts. First, Kpop girl idol Joy of the group Red Velvet, shared her daily life. On the 20th, Joy posted a photo taken with her dog on her Instagram account. She left a cloud emoticon along with the photo. Joy is... Read More
March 23, 2021 | style
Blackpink Jennie showed off her refreshing charm. On the 23rd of March, Jennie posted a photo on her Instagram entitled “Strawberry milky type of girl.” In the photo, there is a picture of Jennie wearing a fresh and sexy pink cardigan. She added a lively yet cute charm with a retro style. In addition, her... Read More
March 8, 2021 | featured
Another truck demonstration began in front of the YG Entertainment office building. On March 5th, protests are in full swing in front of the YG office building in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Fans of group Blackpink member Jennie, sent a truck to YG Entertainment asking for the protection of their artists. Fans said, “Your artist Jennie has... Read More