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Jaebeom Lim
December 27, 2021 | k-music
All-round musician JUNNY presents his own ‘nostalgia’ with singer JAY B. JUNNY will release a new single album, ‘Nostalgia‘ with JAY B, at 6 pm on December 27. In fact, this album contains two songs, including ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Solo’ with Singaporean Indonesian singer Lullaboy. ‘Nostalgia’ is a light song about the nostalgia felt by JUNNY... Read More
December 23, 2021 | k-music
All-round musician JUNNY presents a special sensibility with Kpop singer JAY B at the end of the year. On the afternoon of December 21, on the official social media, JUNNY released a teaser image for the new single ‘nostalgia’ with JAY B, raising music fans’ expectations. The teaser image contains the scenery outside the window... Read More