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IZ*One_Wonoung Jang
August 5, 2021 | trending
IZ*ONE member Wonyoung Jang became the Innisfree model, Hyewon Kang will appear as an actress, and Eunbi Kwon will release her solo album. The members of IZ*ONE, who finished their activities in April, are starting their individual activities one after another. Eunbi Kwon, the leader and main dancer of IZ*ONE, will release her first album this... Read More
April 17, 2021 | style
IZ*One member, Wonyoung Jang, showed off her extraordinary beauty. On the 17th, Wonyoung Jang posted a picture of herself on the official Instagram of IZ*One. Wonyoung Jang boasted of a model’s superior proportions with a small face and unique personality in the photo. Meanwhile, Wonyoung Jang belongs to the group IZ*One. Recently, they announced that... Read More