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INFINITE_Sungjong Lee
October 19, 2021 | daily
Kpop group INFINITE member Woohyun Nam picked his favorite song. On the afternoon of October 19, Woohyun Nam held an online media showcase celebrating the release of his fourth mini-album, ‘With.’ When asked about his favorite song, Woohyun Nam replied, “In my case, ‘Between Calm and Passion’ would be my favorite song.” Kpop group INFINITE... Read More
October 11, 2021 | daily
Woohyun Nam of the Kpop group INFINITE showed off his sexy charisma. Woollim Entertainment released the last concept photo of Woohyun Nam’s fourth mini-album ‘With’ through their official social media at 6 pm on October 10. In the concept photo, Woohyun Nam created a chic yet sexy atmosphere. His straight hair style and a black... Read More
June 9, 2021 | trending
The group INFINITE is celebrating their 11th debut anniversary today, June 9th. INFINITE made its debut in the music industry on June 9, 2010. It is with the title song ‘Come Back Again’ from their 1st mini-album ‘First Invasion.’ Their debut album, packed with singing skills, and choreography, received attention as ‘Best Idol Work Of... Read More
May 8, 2021 | daily
Sungjong Lee of the group Infinite canceled today’s event. This is after completing his military duty as a public service worker on May 8th. According to Sungjong Lee’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, there was no separate official event. Sungjong Lee, who has served as a public service worker in the military since July 22, 2019, finished... Read More