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hip-hop group HOMIES
December 14, 2021 | daily
The Kpop hip-hop group Homies won the ‘Rookie of the Year Award’ at the ‘2021 Korean Hip-Hop Awards (KHA 2021)’ and ‘Best Music Style’ award at the Melon Music Awards 2021 (MMA 2021). Homies will release their first full-length album, ‘GENERATION,’ at 6 pm on December 14. In fact, the first full-length album, ‘GENERATION,’ consists... Read More
May 18, 2021 | daily
The hip-hop trio ‘Homies’ won the ‘Rookie Artist of the Year Award’ at the ‘2021 Korea Hip-Hop Awards.’ They will release the ‘Family Business’ Extended Play (EP) Album on May 18th. The EP album ‘Family Business’ starts with the first track ‘The End.’ It is a song where the Homies conveyed their autobiographical story through... Read More