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October 20, 2021 | k-music
 Kpop singer Gummy is releasing the new single ‘Regret.’ C-JeS Entertainment announced that Gummy will release the single ‘Regret’ through various music sites at 6 pm on October 20. The new song is the first single of ‘Share Emotions,’ a music production project customized for musicians conducted by the production company Needsmusic Entertainment. ‘Share Emotions’... Read More
July 20, 2021 | featured
Singer Gummy will sing the first OST of ‘The Moon That Rises In The Day (or Moon Rising At Noon).’ Gummy sings the first OST ‘I’ll Tell You Now’ of the webtoon ‘The Moon That Rises In The Day.’ She will release the song on July 20th at 6 PM on various online music sites.... Read More
June 9, 2021 | daily
Top Korean artists will be on the stage of the ‘2021 Peace Concert-Heart, Connect (Peace Concert). On June 9th, the ‘2021 Peace Concert – Heart, Connect’ (general planning, Woongsik Yoo, director Gukjin Ko, hereinafter ‘Peace Concert’) commemorating the 21st anniversary of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration said, “Jiyoung Baek, Gummy, So-Hyun Kim, and Jinho... Read More