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group epex
December 26, 2021 | trending
The Kpop group EPEX melted the cold of winter with a passionate performance. EPEX (Wish, Keum, Mu, A-Min, Baekseung, Ayden, Yewang, and Jeff) met global fans by appearing at the global support online Kpop concert ‘WE ALL ARE ONE’ held on the afternoon of December 26. On this day, EPEX announced the start of the... Read More
October 20, 2021 | daily
The KPop group EPEX heralded a new album with a high degree of perfection. EPEX (Wish, Keum, Mu, A-Min, Baekseung, Ayden, Yewang, Jeff) released a preview video of their second EP album, ‘Bipolar Pt.2 PRELUDE OF LOVE,’ through their official social media on October 20. Starting with the first track, ‘Love Virus,’ the video contained... Read More