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girl group KARA
September 2, 2021 | daily
Seungyeon Han (34) said that Kpop group KARA’s comeback would be “good to look forward to.” In a video interview on September 2nd, Seungyeon Han said, “KARA members are talking to each other, but nothing is certain yet. We are talking with enthusiasm.” Seungyeon Han debuted as a member of the Kpop group Kara in 2007.... Read More
August 18, 2021 | daily
Kpop idol and KARA member Youngji Heo share a new future with DSP Media. The agency announced on August 18th, “We have renewed our contract with our artist Youngji Heo, who has been with us for a long time.” Youngji formed a relationship with DSP Media as a member of the group ‘KARA’ in 2014. Recently,... Read More