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gfriend Yuju
As K-pop singer YUJU’s solo debut is approaching a day away, she unveiled the last teaser for her solo album. Konnect Entertainment presented a music video teaser of ‘Play‘ through their official social media at midnight on January 17. It is shaking the hearts of fans once again with a completely different style from the... Read More
 K-pop singer YUJU’s first solo song, ‘Play,’ slowly takes off its veil. On January 10, KONNECT Entertainment released the lyric poster for ‘Play‘ on its official social media account. The poster showed fallen petals scattered on the ground. The red-tinted petals contrast with the green grass, and the song’s sensibility appears. The lyrics engraved on the image... Read More
Yuju of the Kpop group GFriend has become a new member of KONNECT Entertainment. On September 1st, KONNECT Entertainment said, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Yuju, who has an unrivaled singing ability. We will actively support her so that she can show her capabilities to the fullest through optimized professional management.” Yuju debuted... Read More