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gfriend trending news
Kpop group MAMAMOO member Hwasa is continuing her popularity march beyond Korea and in China. The title song ‘I’m a light’ of Hwasa’s second single album ‘Guilty Pleasure,’ released on November 24, topped the daily chart of QQ Music, China’s largest music platform, on November 25. ‘FOMO’ and ‘Bless U,’ sidetracks of the new single... Read More
Yuju of the Kpop group GFriend has become a new member of KONNECT Entertainment. On September 1st, KONNECT Entertainment said, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Yuju, who has an unrivaled singing ability. We will actively support her so that she can show her capabilities to the fullest through optimized professional management.” Yuju debuted... Read More
Fans demanded an explanation from Source Music, the agency that suddenly announced the girl group GFRIEND’s contract termination. On May 18th, Source Music announced the sudden termination of the contract with the girl group GFRIEND. Source Music said, “After a long and in-depth discussion with GFRIEND, we have reached an agreement to show a better side... Read More