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August 23, 2021 | daily
Genie Music announced on August 23rd that they would collaborate with Shinsegae Department Store. They will launch the project, ‘RE: PLAY,’ for indie musicians. In fact, ‘RE: PLAY’ is Genie Music’s discovery project. It sheds light on indie artists who have less chance of performing due to the coronavirus. Both companies will release the performances on... Read More
July 7, 2021 | daily
“ONF Live performance and video call” The group ONF will open a ‘talk show.’ Genie Music announced on July 7th, “On July 22nd, at 8 pm, we will host a talk show ‘Have Happiness In Music’ for ONF and paid members.” ONF, with the nickname ‘Masterpiece Restaurant,’ will sing several hit songs. So, it includes... Read More