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Kpop singer Gain Song topped the vote for ‘Stars I Want to Meet the Soon’ by implementing ‘step-by-step recovery in daily life.’ Gain Song implemented ‘Step-by-step Daily Recovery’ held on the idol chart from November 1 to 7. In the voting, ‘Star’s Concert People Want To See Soon?’ Gain topped the list with about 30,000... Read More
Kpop singer Gain Song shared her happy life. On October 13, Gain posted on her Instagram, “Happy! Thank you!” along with a picture. In the photo, she is holding several flower baskets while taking a photo. Holding a flower with the phrase congratulating the 9th anniversary of her debut, she smiled broadly at the camera and... Read More
Kpop artist Gain Song, DIA, and BAE173 greeted each other on Chuseok (Autumn Eve), the great national holiday in Korea. On September 20th, through the official YouTube channel, Gain Song, DIA, and BAE173 posted their Chuseok greetings video. In the video, they conveyed the message that they want everyone to have a pleasant and warm holiday.... Read More