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February 25, 2022 | trending
(G)I-DLE (Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua) has released a comeback trailer. At midnight on February 25, (G)I-DLE released a comeback trailer on their official YouTube and social media channels. In the released video, the low narration and the expressionless faces of (G)I-DLE appearing one after the other created tension from the beginning of the... Read More
May 13, 2021 | trending
Group (G)I-DLE member Yuqi proved her hot popularity in China. Yuqi, who released her first solo digital single, ‘A Page’ after her debut on May 13th, rose to No. 1 in real-time search terms in Weibo Entertainment, China’s largest social network service. In the domestic Twitter real-time trend, the hashtag commemorating Yuqi’s single release also reached... Read More
May 13, 2021 | daily
Group (G)I-DLE member Yuqi revealed her feelings through her first solo song. On May 13 at 6 pm, Yuqi released a new digital English single, ‘A Page,’ on domestic and foreign music sites. This single is Yuqi’s first solo song after her debut as a member of (G)I-DLE in 2018 and after becoming a Cube... Read More