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EXO_Kris Wu
Kris Wu (30, Yifan Wu), a former EXO member, arrested in China on charges of sexual assault, was caught up in rumors of marriage and having a child. Recently, rumors spread in Chinese online communities that Kris was secretly married and has a two-year-old daughter. A Chinese netizen claimed online that Kris Wu married A,... Read More
Chinese police arrested Kris Wu (Yifan Wu), a former member of the group EXO, on charges of rape. According to the Global Times, China’s state-run media, on August 16th, Beijing’s Chaoyang District Prosecutors’ Office announced in a statement that they arrested former EXO member Kris Wu on charges of sexual assault. The Beijing police arrested and detained... Read More
Chinese public security has released an interim investigation into Kris Wu (Chinese name Wu Yi Fan, ?亦凡, 30). He is a former member of the group EXO and now facing scandals of sexually assaulting a minor. The police said, “It is true that the exposer and Kris had sex. But, it’s not confirmed yet whether or... Read More