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November 29, 2021 | trending
Solji, a former member of the Kpop group EXID announced the cancellation of her first solo concert. On November 29, Solji posted a handwritten letter through her Instagram account. Solji said, “Due to the cancellation of my first concert, I have disappointed with everyone who loves me.” She added, “I’m sorry once again. I will be preparing diligently while... Read More
November 17, 2021 | fashion
Actress and Kpop group EXID member Hani prepared for the winter cold with a long padding coat. On November 16, she posted two photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Our team, always grateful and thankful. Always pick it up.” In the photo, Hani showed a V pose and left a picture wearing a long... Read More
July 20, 2021 | featured
Singer, actress, and former EXID member Hani (Heeyeon Ahn) test positive for coronavirus infection. According to a report on SPOTV News on July 20th, Hani also tested positive for COVID-19 after one of the staff tests positive. As per the report, Hani immediately used a self-test kit. After testing positive, she received a confirmed diagnosis through a PCR... Read More
April 1, 2021 | daily
Hani has the possibility to appear in the new work of writer Yoon-Jung Jung, who wrote the tvN drama ‘Misaeng.’ On the 1st, Sublime Artist Agency said, “Hani received an offer to appear in JTBC’s new drama ‘Idol.’ She is currently considering it.” Jong-chan Noh of MBC drama ‘Personal Taste,’ and JTBC drama ‘Cruelty of... Read More