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December 26, 2021 | trending
The Kpop group EPEX melted the cold of winter with a passionate performance. EPEX (Wish, Keum, Mu, A-Min, Baekseung, Ayden, Yewang, and Jeff) met global fans by appearing at the global support online Kpop concert ‘WE ALL ARE ONE’ held on the afternoon of December 26. On this day, EPEX announced the start of the... Read More
June 12, 2021 | trending
BTS took first place in ‘Show! Music Core’ even without the members appearance. On June 12th, BTS took first place with ‘Butter,’ beating Oh My Girl and Heize on MBC ‘Show!┬áMusic Core.’ Also, on the same day, TWICE revealed their new album ‘Taste of Love’ after eight months, announcing the return of Summer Queen. TWICE... Read More