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February 9, 2022 | featured
BTS Jungkook recommended a sweet love song through social media, giving fans worldwide the ultimate thrill. On February 8, through his Instagram story, Jungkook shared ‘Never Change’ by American singer-songwriters Jeremy Passion and Melissa Polinar as a recommended song. ‘Never Change,’ recommended by Jungkook, captures the ears with sweet lyrics and sweet acoustic sound. It... Read More
February 1, 2022 | trending
BTS Suga’s first mixtape, ‘Agust D’ proved its popularity by achieving 187 million streams on Spotify. BigHit Music’s first mixtape, ‘Agust D,’ released by Suga on August 16, 2016, under the name of Agust D, recorded 187 million streams on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, on February 1 (KST). ‘Agust D’ includes the intro... Read More
January 28, 2022 | trending
COVID-19 hit the music industry once again. One after another, Kpop idols confirmed with COVID-19, and a sense of crisis fell once again in the KPOP industry. On January 27, another confirmed case occurred in the music industry. Following Eric and Younghoon, Kpop group THE BOYZ member Haknyeon tested positive for COVID-19. The other seven members... Read More