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COVID-19 hit the music industry once again. One after another, Kpop idols confirmed with COVID-19, and a sense of crisis fell once again in the KPOP industry. On January 27, another confirmed case occurred in the music industry. Following Eric and Younghoon, Kpop group THE BOYZ member Haknyeon tested positive for COVID-19. The other seven members... Read More
Kpop singer Youngwoong Lim ranked 5th on the YouTube weekly popular artists, illuminating his ‘best superstar’ and ‘trend of a trend’ aspects. Youngwoong took the fifth spot on YouTube Weekly Popular Artists from December 3 to December 9. Youngwoong showed a dazzling presence by standing shoulder to shoulder with global popular idols such as IU, BTS,... Read More
‘City of Angels’ Los Angeles is now the city of ‘Army’ fans as Kpop group BTS holds concerts there. While waiting at LA Airport for immigration screening, so many ARMYs entered LA that employees continued to shout, “Please prepare tickets for the BTS concert to be shown for immigration screening in advance.” Fans are wearing... Read More